What exactly is the difference between a Lord or a Lady?

Before we dive deep into the difference between being a Lord or a Lady, let’s start with the origins of these titles.

The UK has been using “Lord” titles since 1066. As William the Conqueror divided the land into different manors, he conferred the titles to the barons that had accompanied him during his journey. Lordship Titles have become a symbol of peerage and courtesy throughout the time, but they can also mean land ownership. Not everyone that is a Lord or a Lady owns a portion of land, however.

The answer to the question that gives title to this article is simple: There is no real difference between being a Lord or a Lady. Both titles mean exactly the same, the only difference being the grammatical gender.

Becoming a Lord or a Lady

There is no distinction between being a Lord or a Lady. Thus, the methods to earn these titles are the same, regardless of your gender identity. Legally speaking, there are three ways to earn an official Lordship Title:

• Marrying a person that already holds the title – This is something that appears to happen only in fairytales, but everything is possible. There are tons of common people that have married royals throughout history.

• Being chosen by the House of Lords – This can be quite complicated. First, the Prime Minister must nominate you, and then the Queen must confirm that title.

• Last but not least, you can buy the “Lord of the Manor” title. This is synonymous with purchasing real estate, so it can end up costing millions.

As you can see, it is extremely complicated to become an official Lord or Lady, even in modern times. However, you can become Lord today and brag about the title in your inner circle with Lordship-Titles.com. There’s nothing wrong about calling yourself a Lord – even if the House of Lords hasn’t invited you!

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