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A title demands a certain degree of respect and is usually associated with authority and influence. Since the early times, humans have had the innate desire to be associated with or have a title to exert power and influence. Lord and lady is one such title that has been in use since ancient times. Lorshiptitles.comContinue reading “Buy Lordship Titles at”

What Is A Lady?

The terms lord and laird are used interchangeably in Scotland. Lady is the female equivalent of laird in Scotland and is the English equivalent of ladyship. While the English title of lordship is associated with peerage and nobility, in Scotland, the title is referred to address someone who owns a piece of land in theContinue reading “What Is A Lady?”

What Exactly Entails Being A Lord/Lady In The UK?

In the olden days, the titles of lord and lady were bestowed to individuals in a position of power, influence, and prestige. There are three conventional ways through which one could become a lord or a lady. Marrying someone with a piece of land in their name and acquiring the title through marriage. Buying aContinue reading “What Exactly Entails Being A Lord/Lady In The UK?”

What exactly is the difference between a Lord or a Lady?

Before we dive deep into the difference between being a Lord or a Lady, let’s start with the origins of these titles. The UK has been using “Lord” titles since 1066. As William the Conqueror divided the land into different manors, he conferred the titles to the barons that had accompanied him during his journey.Continue reading “What exactly is the difference between a Lord or a Lady?”

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Many people dream of becoming lords or ladies, but there isn’t enough information about the process on the internet. Furthermore, the traditional methods are inaccessible to the general population. So what can you do in these cases? Becoming a lord or lady is now an easy process, thanks to This website allows you toContinue reading “Buying a Lordship Title at”


If you want the Lord or Lady title, then you can contact You will be able to legally give yourself this title. You will be joining a class of noble people by giving yourself this title. You will have a personalized certificate in order to confirm that you officially have a lordship title. InContinue reading “Lordship-Titles”

How to Become a Lord or Lady in the United Kingdom

How to become a lord or lady in the United Kingdom The Lord and Lady titles in the United Kingdom are reserved for those born in the royal family. Becoming a Lady or a Lord in the UK is not easy as shown in movies. However, you can become one by marrying a member ofContinue reading “How to Become a Lord or Lady in the United Kingdom”

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